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I am a Social Limitation Allergy Coach who has around 15 years experience with the nickel allergy. I have been in the low nickel diet and stopped drinking tap water since 2010. I have actively avoided second and third-hand smoke both cigarettes and marijuana for since 2014. I innately avoid first-hand smoke since I do not smoke. I have replaced most of my products to nickel tested since 2016. 

Barbara Njuguna

Founder & CEO

Things I've Eliminated


An Adult diet needs to be under 150ug to maintain a low nickel diet. That might include removing eating out due to stainless steel leeching nickel in the food as well as tap water.

Tap Water

The primary source of nickel in drinking-water is leaching from metals, such as pipes and fittings, groundwaters due to nickel ore-bearing rocks. Reverse osmosis water which is purified bottled water removes remove 97 – 98% of the nickel from drinking water.


Nickel can be found in make-up, washing liquids and powers, and other household products. Nickel tested products tests products after each production and are usually 1ppm (parts per million).


There is 4.25-7.55 ug Ni per cigarette and around 0.4-2.4% of Ni in the smoked portion of the cigarettes appears in the ash, butt or lost in the sidestream. Exposure to nickel in smoke can induce chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia in patients with a nickel allergy.


Nickel is a common trace element in multiple vitamins. That can induce symptoms like chronic fatigue and dermatitis.


Removing nickel metal contact helps contact dermatitis. Remove cookware, utensils, hangers, bras, jeans, metal furniture, laptops, phones, coffee machines, eating out due to stainless steel appliances and more.


BackContact Dermatitis

Usually all over my body and even my face

Skin or trigger an allergic reaction. A red rash wherever the skin came into contact with the irritant


Usually under my boobs due to the underwire of my bra

Fluid-filled Blisters

Chicken BurgerItching

Usually after ingesting high nickel foods, contact, and smoke exposure. All over my body or around my shoulders and back.

A site of or cause an itch


Usually all over my body when I ingest vitamins with nickel and I'm in a house with a smoker.

A common skin rash triggered by many things including certain foods, medication, and stress.


Eating out for around 3 months, putting tap water in food which can cause me to faint.

Abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy


Usually when I am ingesting high nickel foods and in an environment filled with smokers.

A headache may appear as a sharp pain, a throbbing sensation or a dull ache.

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