Are You Sick? Or is it your allergies?

A fundamental question for all of us! It doesn’t matter what your allergic is. Allergy camouflages itself with flu-type symptoms, congestion, or even headache. Compelling us to say, “I’m I sick? Or is it allergies?” If you been following “Five Ways Nickel is Invading your life,” and “Five Occupations you Might Want to Avoid,” then you are probably well aware nickel is everywhere. If you haven’t, please go to them before continuing cause this might be confusing.

Now that you are all caught up. So, since Nickel is everywhere, let’s see how it gets absorbed in your body.

Nickel can enter your body via inhalation, ingestion, and dermal absorption, but the route by which nickel enters cells is determined by its chemical form.


Just to clarify that nickel does not come in the form of a coin with Thomas Jefferson’s face is one. It is in the ground, air, metal and more.

The most hazardous route of exposure to nickel is by inhalation (Sutherland, Costa 2002). Inhalation of soluble nickel causes irritation of the nose and sinuses and can lead to loss of the sense of smell or perforation of the nasal septum. Long-term exposure may lead to asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory diseases.

This leads to us thinking we are sick. As stated we can have symptoms that appear normal but might be caused by a nickel allergy. So, next time you have a respiratory infection you shouldn’t hesitate and use the proper precautions to limit your nickel intake. Your body is probably crying for help.

The acutest nickel poisoning is caused by Ni (CO) 4. Exposure to nickel carbonyl can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and breathing problems. In the case of high exposure, it may even lead to pneumonia and death. Inhalation of nickel can cause cancer of the lungs, nose and sinuses (Zhicheng 1994).

You are probably asking what in the hell is Ni(CO)4. I was wondering the same thing. Ni(CO)4 is a special liquid that is also called nickel tetracarbonyl. They used in refining nickel ore, forming nickel films and coatings, as a catalyst in various chemical reactions, and in glass plating. I guess this compound is very popular but why is it volatile, flammable, and explosive. What can I say the government has their own priorities. In other words, you do not need to worry about inhaling this compound unless you are in a chemistry lab mixing things together.

The highest nickel concentrations are found in the bone, lung, kidney, liver, brain and endocrine glands. Nickel is found in breast milk, saliva, nails, and hair. Nickel does not accumulate in the body; excreted in the urine, feces, bile and sweat (Valko et al. 2005).

So, if you are having such symptoms, now you know you will not carry that amount of nickel forever. Since it secretes sweat. I suggest a sauna, body wrap or a detox bath.

These effects are the form of contact dermatitis, lung fibrosis, cardiovascular and kidney diseases and cancer of the respiratory tract (Oller et al. 1997, McGregor et al. 2000, Seilkop, Oller 2003). Chronic non-cancer health effects may result from long-term exposure to comparatively low concentrations of pollutants. Acute health effects normally result from short-term exposure to high concentrations of pollutants and they manifest as a variety of clinical symptoms. The clinical symptoms are nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, visual disturbance, headache, giddiness, and cough. The most common of reaction to nickel exposure is a skin rash at the site of contact.

So, nickel might as well be called the flu or upper respiratory infection. Even though these symptoms seen too far fetch, I have experienced a number of these, whenever I decided to give up on my very restrictive diet. Fortunately, or, unfortunately, I am always giddy or not present at the moment, I think I am safe to say that nickel is at fault. But I hope that I didn’t scare you, but being informed is key.

Till, next Wednesday

Stay Nickel Free (Well, as much as possible)

Written by Barbara Njuguna

Neurotically Nickely Challenged😫, food lover 🍱, social explorer🧘🏾‍♀️, & trying to navigate this adult life as nickel free as possible😓


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