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    8 Ways Your Water Is Contaminated

    Photo Credit: carf via Compfight cc Photo Credit: carf via Compfight cc As I was writing this blog post, I already knew what was contaminating my water when it referred to nickel, but some of this things are so surprising. In a way we never really know how much nickel we ingest since water is our main source of existence. So [...]
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    7 Ways you’re Inhaling Nickel

    Photo Credit: Fang Tong via Compfight cc In my quest to figure out today’s topic, I decided I would elaborate on the Five ways Nickel is invading your life. So, I am gonna start with “numero” 1, AIR. Yes, there is nickel in that too. Which makes me wonder, how can you truly be nickel-free?  Well, you cannot, and you wouldn’t want [...]
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    Research: Titanium Dioxide, why is it everywhere?

    Many are asking themselves, what is titanium dioxide? Good question! It is one of the top fifty chemicals produced worldwide. It is a white, opaque, and naturally- occurring mineral found in two primary forms: rutile and anatase. -See more  Where is it found? Orthopedic and surgical implants. Dentistry: In dental implants and as a color pigment in composites. [...]
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    New Set of Stainless Steel: 18/0 No Nickel

    Fine Quality Stainless Steel Flatware is comprised of 18% chromium and 10% nickel but what if you have a nickel allergy? Chromium resists stains, rust, corrosion and is a strong solid metal in its own right. The nickel content adds to the strength of the product. Chromium, or chrome, is a tough white metal, used in stainless [...]
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    Are You Sick? Or is it your allergies?

    A fundamental question for all of us! It doesn’t matter what your allergic is. Allergy camouflages itself with flu-type symptoms, congestion, or even headache. Compelling us to say, “I’m I sick? Or is it allergies?” If you been following "Five Ways Nickel is Invading your life," and "Five Occupations you Might Want to Avoid," then you are probably [...]
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    Five Occupations you Might Want to Avoid

    This is the dilemma I am going through, being a hairdresser, retail clerk, domestic cleaner, caterer, and metalworker seem like the best part time jobs for the 20 somethings. If you didn’t think it was hard enough to look for a job, now you need to rethink that part time job you were going to [...]
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    Five ways Nickel is invading your life

    The one and only Nickel can do a lot of damage. It is the 24th most abundant element in the earth’s crust making about 3% of the composition of the earth. It is very easy to work with, so many manufacturers combine it with different metals. Since, it is a siderophilic property (comes in so many forms): nickel salts [...]