Five Occupations you Might Want to Avoid

This is the dilemma I am going through, being a hairdresser, retail clerk, domestic cleaner, caterer, and metalworker seem like the best part time jobs for the 20 somethings. If you didn’t think it was hard enough to look for a job, now you need to rethink that part time job you were going to get. These jobs are so easy to get into no work experience and will be trained for free. But unfortunately, the most common occupations in a study of patients attending an allergy clinic that contributed to nickel allergies were hairdressers,retail clerks, domestic cleaners, caterers, and metalworkers

1. Hairdressers

I believe this profession or part time profession is great. You have conversations with your clients, make them look pretty and meet new interesting people. Well, since most of the equipment include metal contact, like washing hair, scissors and more. This would be a no, no for the healthy life you are trying to maintain.


2. Retail clerks

A right of passage for an everyday high schooler, a part time job at a cute boutique where you could give you and your friends discounts, seems like a dream job. Well, in the dream job there are nightmare outcomes for the Nickely Challenged. Retail clerks involve a lot of money handling, hangers and more metal contact than usual.

3. Domestic cleaners

I was a bit shocked about participants who were domestic cleaners having more nickel sensitively, but with more research I found out that nickel is in detergents, and cleaning products. Since, avoiding this things when cleaning someone’s house would automatically get you fired. I think it is safe to say avoiding this job all together will save you money, and your health.

4. Caterers

I will confess that this was my right of passage as a highschooler and I now regret it. I believe it added to my itch filled nights after work. I was definitely working with more metals than the average person. Avoiding any catering, chef, or any cooking job would benefit you and leave you itch free, since stainless steel is everywhere you see.

5. Metalworkers

Lastly, being a metalworker is obvious and not too many people consider this the ideal job but for the rest of the people who want to make more money with little experience, this is ideal. Well, ideal for the non nickel sensitive, because you have no idea what metal you are coming in contact with and in the U.S. nickel is mixed in almost all its metal. So, to be on the safe side avoiding this job all together will benefit you.

So, what if you are in these occupations and/or don’t believe it will affect you. In research, occupational exposure has been shown to give rise to elevated levels of nickel in blood, urine and body tissues, with inhalation as the main route of uptake.

Till next Wednesday,

Stay itch free

P.S. (I hope your parents will understand why it is hard for you to get a job now)

Written by Barbara Njuguna

Neurotically Nickely Challenged😫, food lover 🍱, social explorer🧘🏾‍♀️, & trying to navigate this adult life as nickel free as possible😓


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