What I Didn’t Tell you About my Allergies

Welcome, to the presentation of the mishaps of DNA. I am so happy you took the time out of your busy schedule to watch everything I am allergic too.  *sigh* Life, right?

What I Didn’t Tell you About my Allergies!

Way too much! I know that this blog is about a nickel allergy, but I thought it was time to let you know that Nickely Challenged doesn’t only have a nickel allergy. Unfortunately, I have several allergies. And boy, may I add, they are so annoying.
Since allergies are the most boring subject I have ever read, I wanted to present it funnily, and a post would be nothing without my sarcasm. Enjoy!
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Did you enjoy it? Did it make you laugh? Are those all yes’s. (Wait a minute as a run in circles)


I am so excited and, most of all, proud of you and I. First, for you, because you sat through all of that and for me because if you don’t know, I actually had a phobia of taking pictures and videos or even attention in general. For me to also post the Youtube video is far from what I thought would ever happen. If you have been with me for a while, I said I was going to post like 3 months ago on Instagram and then 2 weeks ago. I swear these lying tendencies are so unlike me, but I guess the anxiety that came with posting this video was way too much. But I can assure you that me expressing myself to the fullest of my ability will be the motto of this year, well my blog year, I just had my blogaversary a month ago, and I made it a goal to just be me, in whatever form that is.

Allergy Survey Results

Mattess Mites

  • D. Farinae
  • D. pteronyssinus

Tree Pollen

  • Box Elder (Maple)
  • Hickory, Shagbark
  • Oak, White
  • Pecan, Pollen

Grass Pollen

  • Bahia
  • Bermuda
  • Perennical Rye
  • Timothy
  • Burweed Marshelder
  • English Plantain
  • Lamb’s Quarters
  • Rough Pigweed



The protective outer layer of the skin. In invertebrate animals, the epidermis is made up of a single layer of cells. In vertebrates, it is made up of many layers of cells and overlies the dermis.
    • Cat
    • Dog

Am I done? Did I publish a YouTube video? What! I hope you enjoyed my fun little spin on allergies. Also, I learned, I don’t know how to speak English. If you want me to incorporate more YouTube videos in the future, make sure you tell me. Last but not least, two Facebook groups that you would love to join, Nickel Allergy

Till next time stay beautiful!

What does stay beautiful mean to me?
It is a person that is not afraid to be themselves and doesn’t bash anyone else who is living in their truth. So be you, be beautiful even though you have allergies, illness, or whatever makes you think that you are less than human. Again, just because your body responds to the world differently doesn’t mean you have to! “Check out the Body Project by Alexandra”

For Suicide Prevention month:Be a listening ear to someone in need and/or send a lovely comment to the hate comments!

Written by Barbara Njuguna

Neurotically Nickely Challenged😫, food lover 🍱, social explorer🧘🏾‍♀️, & trying to navigate this adult life as nickel free as possible😓


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